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My Path

Family Branding Strategist at Think, Talk and Tinker

Think, Talk and Tinker provides workshops for parents on learning, communication and play. Our goal is to share best practices in the field of parenting and child development while at the same time nurturing confident, competent an connected families.

Education Consultant at Kids Cabin Childcare

Assists the School Director in re-inventing early childhood education and service. Scope of service includes giving practical advice on curriculum matters and aligning of school educational philosophy.

Family Branding Strategist at Smart Tinker

We believe that Learning Begins at Home

As a Family Branding Strategist, I use Smart Tinker as an outlet to promote family culture, the value of connecting presence in family relationships, making learning visible at home and advocates for intentionality in parenting.

Smart Tinker, as a family business, exemplifies what we believe in and stand for when it comes to LEARNING. We would like to share our family intentions on learning in ways that are tangible and reflective of how we are as a family. It gives a glimpse of our family escapades, the products that we love, sell and endorse, and the activities that we do to make learning visible.

Smart Tinker is also part of the Think, Talk and Tinker parenting workshop series that provide workshops for parents on topics related to learning, communication and play.

Year Course Nonviolent Communication at Connecting2Life

I will forever be grateful for what I learned from taking NVC classes. Practicing NVC helped me reconnect with myself and apply checking in which helps me to be present in life.

AHA! Now is not the time to wait

Women, let this be our battle cry.
Let this be the words that escape our lips.
The words to stir us into action.
The words to remind us that our presence is needed.
Needed to heal this world.
Needed to hear our voices.
Needed to claim our place.
Let us not wait.
Let us not wait for injustice to follow.
For racism to divide us.
For bigotry and hatred and greed.
Let us not wait for the world to fall
Crumbling because we have not made our voices heard.
Disintegrating before our very eyes the future that we worked so hard for.
The future for our children.
For our daughters.
For our sons.
For our ancestors who sacrificed so much for the liberties that we now keep.
Sisters let us not be put to silence.
Let us not be complacent.
Let us not stand in the sidelines wavering and pointing fingers.
Let our presence be our battle cry.
Let our words heal this earth.
Let our actions of compassion and advocacy flourish.
Let us be the change makers that we fail to see in this world.

AHA! The only person that gets in the way of my presence, my visibility and my engagement is me

Invested in myself by joining Dream, See, Do signed up for Tara Mohr's Playing Big Intensive, and agreed to collaborate with Nathalie on She Dares

AHA! Life is to be explored with as much goodness, grace and gratitude.

Part of what I learned after my breast cancer diagnosis.

Co-conspirator at She Dares

Certificate on Reading Instruction at University of California, San Diego Extension

Gave me more tools and strategies to use in my curriculum design work.

Teaching For Understanding at Wide World Harvard

The first course that opened my eyes on the merits of instructional design that works!

Making Thinking Visible at Wide World Harvard

Got introduced to the use of visible thinking routines. Powerful stuff!

Certificate on Gifted and Talented Education at University of California, San Diego Extension

Helped me to understand gifted pedagogy and how to apply it in the regular classroom.

AHA! Love is a verb. It's an act, an action that deserves working on.

Breakthrough in our marriage.

AHA! Parenting is not as easy as what all the theories I learned in university. Yet I am ever grateful that I get to experience this privilege

Our first born changed our lives with her presence.

Bachelor of Science in Family Life and Child Development at University of the Philippines, Diliman

Taking this program has nurtured my desire to work with families and children. It opened me to be in the teaching and training profession.

Community Alchemist at Dream, See, Do

Playing Big

Its giving me insights on how to give compassion to my inner critics and to harness the gifts of my inner mentor! Powerful, shifting , transformational!

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