Throughout history, people have learned and flourished best in groups. Tribal leaders sharing wisdom; families & friends providing emotional support and modern day workshops and experts providing new opportunities for learning and development.

Live Video
Activity Stream
Reminders & Notifications
Surveys & Assessments
Your Time

Features to seamlessly move from real-time to your own time

That's why we've designed Dream See Do to be a social, interactive learning experience. Coaching organizations, experts and authors scale their transformational programs online, enabling people to connect and support peers as they learn, practice and grow.

Our Methodology


Features like integrated video chat and a real-time activity stream lead to transformation only possible in person before, improving satisfaction and results.


Our platform is designed to help people try new practices, gain support and build healthy habits in areas such as: mindfulness, nutrition, integrative health and social-emotional wellbeing.


Awareness is the cornerstone of any successful practice and has been proven to improve one’s learning and growth. Our platform is designed to gently place that mirror in front of us to learn.

Top coaches and organizations are using Dream See Do to create learning communities, where participants have been able deeply connect, practice and share learnings around topics like emotional intelligence & mindfulness.

Award winning authors & thought leaders choose Dream See Do
for their Transformational Online Programs

Slow medicine book cover
"We can now guide more people to the next level of health by sharing the benefits of Slow Medicine in a scalable learning community."
Dr. Michael Finkelsein, Slow Medicine
Courageous aging book cover
"By taking the essence of my life's work to benefit countless new people, Dream See Do has set a bold new horizon for me."
Dr. Ken Druck, Courageous Aging
Enlightened nutrition book cover
"With Dream See Do we can truly experience the platform and sense of connectedness to our students."
Dr. Paul Dugliss, New World Ayurveda

Online learning can be a beacon of hope, but it is currently failing us. Passive content and a lack of ‘togetherness’ has led to dismal learning outcomes. We shift this by igniting the benefits of in person learning, online.