The Rules Of Engagement

March 6, 2018


There are a million buzzwords surrounding marketing and building your business. But the one with the most mystery (and power) has to be ENGAGEMENT. That elusive connection between you and your customer; that back-and-forth flow of information that tells you yes, this person is picking up what I am putting down.

Back in the good ole days of online marketing, engagement was fairly easy to measure. You posted on Facebook, a bunch of people read, liked, and commented. You tweeted, people tweeted back. You sent an email, people opened it. But digital marketing has changed. The way we interact has changed. And that means that the rules of engagement have changed.

With the advent of business-throttling algorithms, spotlight-stealing viral videos, and an audience that can’t wait to find the next big thing, engaging your tribe isn’t always easy. But it is possible. You CAN cut through the noise and the restrictions, and build a truly engaged community. Here’s how.

Take them to your house. Sure social media is awesome. There are lots of people there, and everyone is looking to talk. But you wouldn’t hold a book club at a mall food court, would you? No, you take that group of engaged, like-minded people to your home, or a private room at your favorite restaurant and give yourself a chance to really connect, engage, an dig in. The Dream See Do platform not only created a place where you can share your knowledge and teach, but where you can turn your students into an engaged community. We offer plenty of resources to communicate and share with your group.

Keep the conversation going. So you’ve found your people, and they are AWESOME. There’s lots to talk about, and everyone has stories and goals to share. But after the first couple of weeks, no one is really talking. What happened? Well friend, you are still the host of this digital house party! Your job is to keep the momentum going. Even though engagement might happen without you, that doesn’t mean you sit back and coast. You’re the sherpa; so lead your group. Ask the questions, respond to comments, and ask for feedback.

Give them a reason to stay engaged. Stephen King doesn’t have legions of dedicated fans because he wrote 3 books and quit. He has legions of fans because he’s never stopped giving them new reasons to stay engaged. A steady stream of content, classes, giveaways,  images, and videos will keep your people coming back over and over. Engagement happens when there is something compelling to engage with. You got them into your tribe by sharing your work, your heart, and your brilliant brain. So keep sharing those things, and your engagement will begin to flourish.

Engagement is more than a Facebook like, or a retweet. Sure, it gives us a little boost to see those numbers go up, or to get a cool comment on an Instagram picture. But true engagement is deeper. It’s a real relationship that requires care, attention, and being fully present. Don’t be afraid to put it all out there, and really dive in. Your tribe will thank you.

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