Gratitude & Dreams

November 29, 2017


This year has been chock full of learning and growth. My daughter has likely taught me the most about who I am, and what I value, but I have certainly gained insights from a range of amazing people with our work on Learning and Whole-Being Development. Our client-partners like Paul from New World Ayurveda, Home from MindKind Institute (For Executive Coaching and Mindfulness), Charles Vogl (The Art of Community), and Michael Finkelstein (The Slow Medicine Doctor), have brought our community learning platform to life. Through their impactful work, they have shown how people can truly connect, share ideas and support one another as they practice and learn things together, that are meaningful to their lives. This reminds me how much I value connection and community, two of the main tenets of our company.

During my 2017 explorations, I was able to attend the Wisdom 2.0 NYC conference, where I experienced connections with some well known luminaries in their fields like Arianna Huffington and Daniel Goleman. I also took pearls of wisdom about living a mindful life from folks like Anderson Cooper, Sharon Salzberg and Jon Kabat Zinn. I envision a future of collaborations with some of these amazing life forces. We imagine a world where all of these teachers can share their work in our community learning environment. At the present, I am simply grateful to have shared space with them and taken home some new ideas and perspectives on my life and work.

Finally, and most importantly, I am profoundly grateful for my distributed, committed and brilliant team. Josh, Lana, Lindsey, Cathy, Mike and Shane have all contributed immensely to our over 700% growth this year in usage, and most importantly, a compounding rate of impact on humanity. Thank you 2017 for life you have brought to my relationships and work and to the passing you have shared with me of some habits, fears and frustrations that I needed to let go. I eagerly await the opportunities to harness these benefits to continue to help others find resiliency in their lives, in 2018!

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