Fresh Eyes & New Beginnings

January 5, 2018


Can we flip a cliche to elicit

true change?

So, how was 2017 for you? Do the words, ‘grind’, ‘challenge’ or ‘perseverance’ come to mind? Whether they do or do not, we have entered a New Year folks. A fresh space and palette to paint a new and beautiful painting for your life, work, family and direction. New Years is a time for many cliches, and we can choose to either snicker that them, or embrace them with intention and strength (or both, that works too).

Anytime we make a conscious choice to elevate our energy and efforts in a direction that heals and nourishes, it’s a good thing. If a trite expression like a New Years resolution can actually lead one to commit to bringing this to fruition, so be it! But the work needs to be done...

And that’s the catch… traction. Sticktoitiveness. Many people laugh at New Years resolutions because most of them are not kept. So here is our advice. Whether it is now, in this brand spanking new year, or another time when you feel the vibes, choose to to take the small, incremental steps necessary to make a change. You can try things like intentional and manageable habit change - check out some amazing PhD/authors like BJ Fogg (TED Talk on Tiny Habits) and Charles Duhigg (The Power of Habit TED Talk) for simple and effective habit building techniques. 

Simply looking at things with fresh eyes and a new perspective can definitely lead to profound action and outcomes, but the work must be done. Whether you are seeking to improve your health, impact your family, community or the world in a beneficial manner… the beginning of the year is a great time to sit, reflect and start again. These are also the basic tenets of a Mindfulness practice. This year I have personally deepened my meditation practice. Each time I get lost in thought, become aware of this automatic behavior, and simply begin again by coming back to my breath or a mantra, I am releasing stress and cracking open my innate energy, instincts and possibilities. Checkout some special mindfulness practices by teachers and experts like Sharon Salzberg (TED Talk on Mindfulness and Transforming the World) and Dr. David Vago in his TED talk about how the brain can adapt through meditation (Self Transformation Through Mindfulness).

Little by little this sensibility begins to show it’s lovely face in my life in many mindful moments. This practice can lead to being more attuned to what I need to do to make the world a better place. This includes opening my lens to the right relationships (both business and professional); taking the time to let opportunities unfold; and being open and receptive to new and exciting adventures that I have yet to imagine.

So I choose incremental habit change and mindfulness as my tools.

What do you choose this year as we enter another opportunity to bring a cliche to life?

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