Digital Connection Through Practice and Learning

December 8, 2017


What drives true human connection

in this modern day?

When folks are tied to the hips of their devices, often unable to disconnect from technology (even when crossing a street), how do we find ways to engage in meaningful conversations and relationships online?

Digital tools are super powerful instruments, but they cannot replace the magic that happens in person. Whether it’s a conversation, workshop, strategy meeting or learning exercise - truly giving yourself the space to really be with other people in some manner is perhaps the most critical ingredient to sparking true connections and desirable outcomes as a result.

Though most uses of digital tools, including very current apps across many disciplines, enable people to effectively share information (or stalk others socially), most of them do not enable natural human connection. I say this with some level of confidence, as I have done a deep, deep, deep dive into the realm of human connection, online, over the last 5+ years. Alongside my team, after having read hundreds (perhaps thousands) of articles, spoken with a diverse palette of thought leaders and practitioners in Wellness, Education, Corporate learning; and run dozens of design workshops and prototyping sessions around this topic, we have learned, synthesized and mapped ways to cultivate Digital Connection. We share heaps of gratitude with the many savvy and emotionally intelligent people with whom we have collaborated during this adventure.

Digital Connection (through practice and learning) has become my life’s work and the genesis of joy in my career. Our team has been able to help a multitude of incredible organizations, authors and experts create meaningful connection and support in a variety of learning communities on Dream See Do. I have found throughout this journey thus far, that we have endeavored to map out natural in person interactions and connections to the ‘best’ of what digital can provide.

Again, it is not a replacement for in person connection, but there are ways to keep those connections strong and thriving online. And since we have not invented teleportation quite yet, sometimes these relationships can flourish even more across far reaching geographies, if cultivated in an intentional, and yes digital, manner.

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