Content is King and Queen

May 7, 2018


We have all heard that term. So many meanings, so little time. At the end of the day, when you are developing your model for an impactul online or blended learning community, it is certainly vital to include your content strategy as a major part of the mix. If we zoom out to look at some of the most important, top level areas to consider, here are a few…

Keep things focused and simple

How many times have you watched a super long online learning video, or had to read a 50 page PDF document with a traditional e-course. Not super motivating eh? People are super busy, and have shorter attention spans than ever these days (perhaps even than goldfish?!). It’s unfortunate, and something worth unpacking in another conversation, but it is a state of reality that we have to be aware of and deal with effectively. When you serve your learners content that they can digest at their own pace, it is important to keep your content succinct and to the point.

Choose the right range of content types

One main key to a successful online learning community experience, is to deliver your message and teachings with the right type of content. Many people and organizations make the mistake of not thinking about this ahead of time, and the results can feel chaotic and disorganized… not a rife environment for learning. It is essential to be thoughtful in your overall use of content. There are many powerful types, so choose the right ones!  Some areas like mindfulness are best delivered via audio meditations and videos about the efficacy of mindfulness. Certificate training programs often require a blend of self assessment surveys to test initial knowledge, followed by illustrative videos about the area of focus, alongside tight PDF’s or Google Docs which provide the detail.

Align with your message

Whatever content types you select, just make sure that they align with the message you want to deliver, and with complementary exercises that enable reflection, learning interaction between learners that stimulates natural, intellectual conversation. An intuitive online learning platform like Dream See Do can naturally encourage and empower these types of interaction, and the content types you choose help to support the overall learning experience and motivation of your learners. The other option is to place your audience in a flat environment with static pieces of boring content that do not allow for any interaction, like most online learning systems. Likely not your first choice.

Align with your style and strengths

Some folks are great on camera, some have tv style voices and others are better in communicating with beautiful images and prose. Whatever strengths you and your team have, harness them in your content, to ensure the most resonant connection and retention! This will result in much more compelling material that resonates with your audience and drives them to want to engage with your learning experience.

In summation….the juice

When you create an online learning community, one of the most critical goals is to effectively harness the power of peer support and shared learnings. This is the ‘juice’ of any effective online learning experience. If you choose the right content types for your material, that deliver your message effectively, which are succinct and in your voice, you will vastly increase people’s engagement with your content. Moreover, as people learn and practice together, they will also have engaging content that supports this natural learning environment. You will see better outcomes and retention in your programs as a whole.

What types of content best align with your style and area of training?

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