Case Study: MindKind Institute

June 3, 2017


MindKind Institute is an executive coaching and leadership development company, based just outside of New York City.

Founder Home Nguyen is an adjunct faculty member and PhD researcher at Columbia University, and he and his partner Leng Lim have worked together as executive coaches for over a decade, advising senior leaders and leading group trainings for global companies like Amazon, Prudential, Google, GE, and UNICEF. In recent years they also began offering weekend retreats and workshops with the aim of growing a community of people dedicated to mindful and compassionate leadership.

Home was eager to grow his coaching business and gain more flexibility in his lifestyle by offering group coaching online. He also aspired to make it possible for more people to learn and cultivate a mindfulness practice, even if they couldn’t afford to pay for corporate workshops or executive coaching.

With limited time and resources, and lacking a technical team, Home’s biggest challenge in reaching a wider audience was finding the right set of tools to set up a manageable and engaging learning environment for his students online. Traditional webinar tools and online course creators simply fell short of his vision when it came to engaging with his students both individually and as a group; and he couldn’t find a simple way to track the progress of his students so that he could support their individual learning journeys with a personal touch.

"Dream See Do allows me to create an intimate, engaging, and interactive environment for my clients and students. I can communicate both one on one and with groups in dynamic and effective ways. I love that I can track my clients and students' progress from day to day, and at the same time, see how they engage in peer-to-peer support."


Home Nguyen

Leadership & Mindfulness Coach

Adjunct Professor at Colombia University

Home understood that in order for an online training to work, it had to fit into his clients’ busy schedules, many of whom lived across the world. And his goal was to empower his own community to support one another’s learning, rather than position himself as the only expert.

Home sought to create an environment where his students could interact and support one another’s progress, while also allowing for each person to pursue their learning on their own schedule. This seemed impossible, at least without investing tens of thousands of dollars to build his own learning platform – until he discovered Dream See Do.

As he began using Dream See Do, Home was able to quickly build and launch an online learning experience that blended live online classes, self-paced assignments, and social learning and support.


After creating his first “30-day Mindfulness Mission” – a month-long introduction to meditation and mindfulness practices – he invited personal friends, colleagues, and former clients to join his course. His pilot group filled up quickly with nearly 30 participants, with people logging in from as close as his own neighborhood to as far as Singapore and France.

Home used Dream See Do to host live, online guided meditations and classes, paired with daily meditation exercises, readings, videos, and prompts for personal reflections. He instructed his students to use the Dream See Do mobile app to record videos of themselves sharing their insights and obstacles, and Home was delighted to see his students commenting on each other’s responses and providing their own feedback.


What Home saw with his learners was perhaps the most compelling element of his first course on Dream See Do. They were sharing ideas, supporting one another, willing to be vulnerable as they felt safe in this community learning environment.

“It is a nice experience to practice with a community. Personally, I felt it is more rewarding and beneficial, because hearing others thoughts and experiences are very insightful and valuable for my own understanding”


Meng Meng

Paris, France

Home was able to use his instructor dashboard to track who was falling behind and was able to follow up individually with people who needed extra support.


“Dream See Do makes it easy to keep track of each student and get a sense of where they are in the course and what they need in order to deepen their experience and learning. Whether it’s a quick reminder or encouragement or an in depth conversation, the platform allows me to meet each student where they are with what they need.”

Following the success and popularity of his pilot course, Home began offering his Mindfulness Mission on a monthly basis.

Thanks to his engaging Dream See Do course, Home has been able to grow his client base and community both on- and off-line. With each new round of the course, Home has the opportunity to promote it and reach new people who are interested in his area of expertise. As a result, the Mindfulness Mission has become an entry point for new clients and potential partners for Home’s coaching business.

Nearly a year since launching his pilot, the Mindfulness Mission is still a regular and popular course, and Home continues to find new ways to use Dream See Do to expand his reach, better serve his students and clients, and grow his business.

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