10 Day Challenge

Take back your health with Slow Medicine

Instructed by Michael Finkelstein

Length: 10 days

Format: Recorded Videos, Articles, Text and Group Video Call (optional)

Course Description

This 10-day experience introduces you to Slow Medicine and how, if practiced, it can improve one's quality of life. In this pay-what-you-can online program, you'll learn how to reframe health challenges, form good habits and take control of your own health, while learning insights from others as they share ideas and support in this Slow Medicine learning community.

What am I going to get from this course?

You'll develop an understanding of the Slow Medicine 7 Spokes for developing optimum health, an assessment of your own Quality of Life, and an opportunity to try different simply practices each day that help you improve your quality of life. Join a community of people who are doing the challenge with you, with the opportunity to learn and support each other.


Welcome & Introductions
5 min
Day 1 - What is Slow Medicine?
10 min
Day 2 - Mental / Emotional Health
10 min
Day 3 - Physical Body
10 min
Day 4 - Your Relationship to Others
10 min
Day 5 - Relationship to the Natural World
10 min
Day 6 - Relationship to the Divine
10 min
Day 7 - Taking a Day Off
10 min
Day 8 - Community
10 min
Your Contribution
Day 9 - Life's Purpose / Work
10 min
Day 10 - Going Forward
5 min
Reassessing your Quality of Life
5 min
Special! Live Video with Dr. Michael Finkelstein
60 min

About the Instructor

Over the past three decades, Dr. Finkelstein – a holistic doctor in New York – has distinguished himself not only as a doctor in private practice but also as the Medical Director of several major hospitals and health institutes, including two Integrative Medicine hospital departments/programs that he founded. Drawing from this diverse medical expertise, Dr. Finkelstein offers both a micro and macro point of view on today’s healthcare needs and challenges, and he provides a tried-and-true solution for healing individual patients and the medical system as a whole: Slow Medicine.

Dr. Finkelstein was trained at premier institutes for both conventional and integrative medicine – including The University of Pennsylvania, where he received both his Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Medical Degree (MD); and The University of Arizona College of Medicine, where Dr. Finkelstein completed an Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, studying directly with integrative medicine pioneer Andrew Weil, MD.

He is the founder and executive director of The Slow Medicine Foundation and is the founder and medical director of SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine, a holistic wellness center located on a farm, in Bedford, NY.