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Why Dream See Do?

Live Video
Activity Stream
Reminders & Notifications
Surveys & Assessments
Your Time

Features to seamlessly move from real-time to your own time

Revolutionize your teacher training programs and PD, by creating easily accessible, experiential, blended learning experiences. Features are designed to meet teachers where they live, empower mutual support and shared learning opportunities.

Online meets in-person Learning

Complement in-person PD with shared digital exercises, video reflections and resources that meet teachers' direct and unique needs. Level up engagement and outcomes, by enabling participants to interact with experts and peers as they learn, share insights and support one another both live and on their own time.

Polls, Surveys, Assessments & Rubrics

Assess competencies, both hard and soft skills, collect data, learn about your teachers’ needs, and help learners identify their strengths and areas for growth.

Leverage the FULL Power of Video!

Experience the best in video with prompts and reflections, integrated live video, 1-click video recording, and simple video loading for YouTube, Vimeo and Ted videos to enrich your learning experience. Uniquely record and share inspiring stories, mock presentations and other videos on web or mobile.

Smart dashboards and reports

Monitor your teachers’ real-time progress with a personalized dashboard. Easily and effectively import CSV lists of teachers and assign their training. Message individuals or groups with one click.

Designed for collaborative learning

Leverage one of kind social learning features like: Live Video Chat and Webinars, exclusive to our LMS. Exchange text and video messages with your group. Participants can choose to respond to you privately or share with the group. Shared insights and progress leads to higher motivation and engagement.

Easy to Manage & Powerful White Label Features and Integrations

Manage your online training with ease. Use our simple content builder to create and customize your online learning experience. Incorporate resources like video, audio, PDF's, images and more. Leverage integrations like Clever Single Sign On and Google Docs. Features can be added or removed and menu options renamed, to suit your specific training needs.

A Clean & Intuitive Resource Library

Easily create and access a range of resource types.
Search resources by tags, type and keyword.
Send any course content block to the Resource Bank with one click.

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