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Do you utilize training in your company or a community for personal or professional development? Have you tried to scale these programs with little success? Welcome to your sanctuary. We have spent years co-designing online and blended learning experiences with impactful clients across the globe, like a few of our partners below.

Training The Nations Teachers in SEL

to help students and educators in classrooms across the country understand, express and manage their emotions healthily. To create safe and supportive learning environments for their school clients.
To increase teacher engagement during their professional trainings. They wanted to share content with teachers in an appealing and clear way. They also needed a way to track progress and engagement of the teachers being trained to show their school partner leaders.
MTW chose to work with us, as they wanted a partner that could support their learning design over time. They also implemented the Dream See Do platform to create engaging training, with the ability to easily show outcomes to their school leaders.

Digital Learning meets Lineage

Hired to lead strategic advancements in online learning and digital marketing, with particular focus on embedding competencies and best of breed processes in the organization. Worked in tandem with Bridgespan to help re-imagine the mission to honor the lineage of the Kripalu ashram, while inviting new participants through online programs. Also contributed to the overall strategic direction of digital product development, including online education.

We provide a safe, professional and geographically friendly (remote) space to create dynamic training programs for both your clients and teams. We'll help you create powerful weekly online practice sessions, skill-building exercises, or even year long, blended professional training programs. Don't frustrate people with boring, passive training, spark their interest and motivation with peer activities and mutual support.

Agile Practices meets Brand Values

We partnered with a boutique British digital agency, to help lead UX Strategy, Product and Org design. Collaborating with their executive and core teams, we co-led the design of an innovation lab to convene their teams for trainings and agile development rituals. We helped design new agile ways of working for their entire organization and product lifecycle. We ran an internal hackathon to practice blended learning design which galvanized the team.

Elevating Consciousness and Health through the Power of Love

Leveraging our D.R.E.A.M. process (Discover > Re-imagine > Empathize > Align > Measure), we engaged this Ayurveda and Health Coaching school in a rebranding and positioning sprint. This included holding an Ethos Exercise to ensure that the organization's values and mission were aligned with their strategy and client archetypes. It led to new branding, language and the design of more engaging online and blended learning programs.

We are not the traditional consulting company or design firm. We seek to work collaboratively with our client-partners, to help embed competencies in your organization as we create powerful learning experiences, run Ethos or branding exercises, to help you refine your focus and positioning. Whatever is necessary to scale and amplify your work, we have the expertise to support those needs.

The XQ School Innovator

Two and half years ago, we partnered with Da Vinci RISE High, to help them bring their new school model to life! They serve mainly homeless and fostered youth. They needed tools and an approach that could support their unique student population and wonderful, caring staff. We started a relationship to help them actualize these dreams. We have created a new model of a relationship between a school and a technology/design company. We work with them to design learning experiences that drive deep value for their unique needs. We also work together to codesign feature refinements on our sister platform, to directly serve their needs.

Social & Financial Curriculum Design

Developed the Aflatot curriculum - a social and financial early childhood education curriculum (3-7 years old). The curriculum contained creative and reflective activities that focused on the five core elements of the organization. According to the Aflatot Evidence brief, Aflatot contributes to an improved level of socio-emotional outcomes for young children. It was found that children were more likely to think, act independently and understand the benefits of sharing, saving and buying in a playful and meaningful way after having participated in the Aflatot program.