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Why Dream See Do?

Live Video
Activity Stream
Reminders & Notifications
Surveys & Assessments
Your Time

Features to seamlessly move from real-time to your own time

Forward thinking companies want to foster high performing, empathetic and productive teams. Through our platform and consulting, we help you scale your training work, through collaborative, blended (online/offline) training programs for your clients.

Activate the power of experts & peers

Level up your program or training engagement by enabling people to connect, share insights and support one another as they learn. Give them quick access to tools that motivate them to learn, on their own schedule, and see more outcomes and positive ROI.

Fast and adaptive

Speed up your training schedule and customize each program to each client and team. With our flexible and easy-to-use content management system, you’re in control of your program.

We offer a safe, secure, professional, and intimate online space to create dynamic training programs for both your clients and teams anywhere, anytime. Create powerful training courses and skill-building sessions. Don't frustrate people with boring, passive training, spark their interest and motivation with peer activities and mutual support.

Designed for an interactive and collaborative learning experience.

Leverage intuitive and exclusive features like: Integrated Live Video, a learning activity feed with team commenting, and video reflections. Shared insights & support lead to higher motivation & engagement.

Smart dashboards and reports

Monitor your participants’ real-time progress with several personalized dashboards. Easily download engagement and activity reports for internal use and sharing outcomes with partners.

It’s expensive and unproductive to use 4 or 5 different digital platforms (engagement, video conferencing, LMS, email, etc) to accomplish your training goals. Ditch the passive, 'too many tools' approach and get everything you need in one, interactive platform.

Shared Knowledge Center

Easily create and access a range of resource types.
Search resources by tags, type and keyword.
Send any course content to the Resource Bank with one click.

No tech expertise required

Stop waiting on developers and start getting results faster. Use our simple content builder to create and customize your online training experience. Incorporate resources like PDFs, online articles, and YouTube videos to enrich your programs. Even record and share your own videos on web or mobile.