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Is your core work professional training, education or coaching? Have you tried to scale your programs with little success? See how some of our impactful clients have utilized our platform and design lab to help them expand their powerful work.

Move this World's movement and SEL

DSD Use Case: LMS, Training, Migration, Tech Integrations.

Move This World helps students and educators in classrooms across the USA understand, express and manage their emotions healthily. They create safe and supportive learning environments for clients.

Move This World needed to increase teacher engagement during teacher PD and classroom usage. They wanted to share content with teachers in an appealing and clear way. They also needed ways to track progress to share with school leaders.

With Dream See Do, MTW found a partner that could support their range of needs. They implemented the DSD platform to create engaging training, with the ability to easily show outcomes to their school leaders. DSD helped migrate content and co-created a Clever Single Sign on to drive the needs of their clients.

RISE High's virtual & blended school

DSD Use Case: LMS, Training, Learning Design & Feature Refinement.

Da Vinci RISE High, a new blended school model, partnered with DSD to support their school design and implementation as a pre-eminent model for remote education. Year over year, DSD has collaborated with RISE in building and evolving a highly responsive, holistic, and integrated education model.

RISE needed tools and an approach that could support their unique student population and wonderful, caring staff.

With DSD, RISE found a team that could not only meet their immediate needs, but who could co-design Features, PD and technical integrations. RISE enjoys yearly co-design sessions in-person and online with our learning experience designers.

Re-imagine what's feasible online. Create weekly practice sessions, skill-building exercises, or year long, blended education programs. Rather than frustrate people with a passive experience, spark their motivation with ways to interact and respond to assignments.

MindKind's mindfulness in schools

DSD Use Case: LMS, Training and Learning Design

MindKind is a mindful leadership development company, serving and coaching some of the most influential and highly elevated conscious leaders, their teams and entire organizations.

Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) was struggling with increased depression, stress and trauma among students, teachers, administrators and larger school communities.

MindKind worked in partnership with AUHSD leaders to develop Mindful Leadership programming in alignment to the specific needs and initiatives of the district. They used the Dream See Do platform to provide a 29-day online course to school leaders, including weekly video calls, a buddy system and group support. "It has been so wonderful to have such a simple, yet powerful, learning container like Dream See Do to connect, share and do meaningful work with others." The overall approach benefited from 90% participation, and resulted in a 50% decline in measurable negative behaviors.

Girls in Tech's global activation

DSD Use Case: LMS, Training and Migration

Girls in Tech is a non-profit focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology. Global Classroom is a free program that teaches design and coding to girls and women.

Girls in Tech wanted to bring their trainings to a global scale.

DSD enabled Girls in Tech to migrate their industry defining workshops to a dynamic online learning environment and global forum. They've trained thousands of women across the world with these programs, helping them scale their mission and outcomes. They use DSD data to garner additional funding and support.

We are not the traditional design firm. We work collaboratively with you to help embed competencies in your organization as we co-create powerful learning experiences. Whatever is necessary to amplify your work, we have the expertise to support your needs.

Elevating health and consciousness

DSD Use Case: LMS, Training, Migration, Learning Design.

New World Ayurveda was the first school to provide online Ayurvedic studies. They empower health-conscious individuals around the world to become leaders in healing and Health Coaching.

New World Ayurveda was struggling to engage audiences via its online learning programs. They wanted to connect better with their learners as well as rebrand themselves in the marketplace.

In 2016, New World Ayurveda moved from another platform to Dream See Do, to create programs with more human connection and support, and better overall outcomes. Each year, they have expanded their work on DSD, holding a range of dynamic programs from shorter 1 week foundational to year long certificate programs.

Aflatot's social & financial learning

DSD Use Case: Training and Learning Design

The early years of a child offer a unique opportunity to shape their development. In the Aflatot curriculum three to six year-olds gather the building blocks of social and financial literacy before they reach primary school. Aflatot contributes to an improved level of socio-emotional outcomes for young children.

Aflatot needed to develop the Aflatot curriculum in a way that would engage three to six year-olds.

Dream Seed Do worked closely with Aflatot to develop a curriculum that contained creative and reflective activities, focused on the five core elements of the organization. As a result, it was found that children were more likely to think, act independently and understand the benefits of sharing, saving and buying in a playful and meaningful way after having participated in the Aflatot program.