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Is your company's core work professional training or coaching? Have you tried to scale your programs with little success? See how some of our impactful clients have utilized our platform to help them expand their powerful work.

PowerSpeaking’s Transformational Communication

DSD Usage: Platform, Learning Design and Dedicated Support

PowerSpeaking transforms people’s speaking skills and their businesses. For 30+ years, people have followed their techniques to engage audiences, connect with customers, and get buy-in for product ideas.

PowerSpeaking spent years seeking the right technology tools to scale their powerful work, while living up to the quality of their in-person trainings. They struggled to find the right solution, and instead were forced to cobble together a cumbersome combination of digital tools.

From the first demo, PowerSpeaking found a partner in Dream See Do that truly understood their needs and long term vision. This thought leader in their field with some of the most successful companies in the world as clients, needed the highest quality blended training environment. With that in place, PowerSpeaking was empowered to work diligently with the DSD team to outline their nearterm and future needs. This led to creating a deep and powerful Salesforce integration that would ultimately be a game changer for their team and fortune 500 clients.

CBH Supporting School Trauma

DSD Usage: LMS, Training, Strategy and Learning Design

Connecticut Behavioral Health works with schools, community organizations, and other professionals to coordinate comprehensive care and training for areas in of mental health.

Faced with a sudden digital shift in the midst of COVID (like many similar organizations) CBH needed to adapt their primarily in person work to a digital and blended environment.

In making a strategic decision to deepen their existing work on Dream See Do, CBH leveraged their partnership with our team to create new models of learning, training and pricing for their school district clients. Within weeks of implementing this strategy and growth plan, CBH hired the DSD team to help them co-design 6 brand new programs on Trauma and PTSD for their school partners. There was immediate interest in this vital work from their clients, who were appreciative that they could adapt so quickly to serve their deep needs with high quality training.

Re-imagine what's feasible online. Create weekly practice sessions, skill-building exercises, or year long, blended education programs. Rather than frustrate people with a passive experience, spark their motivation with ways to interact and respond to assignments.

MindKind's mindfulness in schools

DSD Usage Case: LMS, Training and Learning Design

MindKind is a mindful leadership development company, serving and coaching some of the most influential and highly elevated conscious leaders, their teams and entire organizations.

Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) was struggling with increased depression, stress and trauma among students, teachers, administrators and larger school communities.

MindKind worked in partnership with AUHSD leaders to develop Mindful Leadership programming in alignment to the specific needs and initiatives of the district. They used the Dream See Do platform to provide a 29-day online course to school leaders, including weekly video calls, a buddy system and group support. "It has been so wonderful to have such a simple, yet powerful, learning container like Dream See Do to connect, share and do meaningful work with others." The overall approach benefited from 90% participation, and resulted in a 50% decline in measurable negative behaviors.

We are not the traditional design firm. We work collaboratively with you to help embed competencies in your organization as we co-create powerful learning experiences. Whatever is necessary to amplify your work, we have the expertise to support your needs.

Girls in Tech's global activation

DSD Usage: Platform, Training and Migration

Girls in Tech is a non-profit focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology. Global Classroom is a free program that teaches design and coding to girls and women.

Girls in Tech wanted to bring their trainings to a global scale.

DSD enabled Girls in Tech to migrate their industry defining workshops to a dynamic online learning environment and global forum. They've trained thousands of women across the world with these programs, helping them scale their mission and outcomes. They use DSD data to garner additional funding and support.

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