Increase your impact by creating the type of experience you deliver in person, online. Create and manage your own unique online learning community on web and mobile, with features designed for connection, collaborative learning and support.

Learning Activity Stream

Share insights, resources and videos. View, comment and like all of the learner responses for camaraderie and support.

Live Video

Engage in dynamic coaching and teaching with live video chat and webinars.

Narrative Paths

Discover people in your community and learn about their key life events, books, dreams, and AHA! Moments that were paramount to their personal growth.

Leverage the power of peers by pairing learners up into buddies and teams. This empowers social learning and accountability, big motivators for practice and growth.

Buddies and Teams

Split learners into pairs and small groups to maximize engagement. Learners can easily view and support people’s activity.

Support Prompts

Automated prompts throughout the site experience encourage learners to share insights and support one another as they connect, learn, practice and grow.

Group & Private Messaging

Start a message to your entire group, smaller teams and/or individuals with one click.

No tech expertise required! Use our simple content builder to create your online learning experience and our white label features for customized branding and features.

Course Builder

Create interactive, step-by-step learning experiences that include expressive response types (text, video, images, audio, files) and flexible reminders.

Content Blocks

Easily incorporate resources like YouTube videos, online articles, forms and assessments, live video chats, PDFs and audio files to enrich your learning experience.

White Labeling

Add logo and custom colors, enable/disable modules across the site, setup a custom domain, and change names of features and menu options (e.g. ‘courses’ to ‘programs’, or ‘people’ to ‘tribes’).

Smart Dashboards and Reports give you powerful insights about interaction and content engagement to take action and inform learning design. We cover all of your back-of-house needs for marketing, registration and payments.

Engagement Dashboard

Monitor learner activity and provide feedback and support from your engagement dashboard.

Quizzes, Surveys & Assessments

Collect data, learn about your audience’s needs, and help learners identify their strengths and areas for growth.

Seamless Logistics

Market your courses or program(s), register participants, message clients, offer coupons and collect payments and donations.

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