Your Energy Is Yours, Honor It!

August 3, 2018


Often times, leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches - really anyone driven by their work and desires for impact - blur the lines between work and obsession. I can say this, because I’ve done it many times in my life. It’s natural to dive deep when you feel excited and passionate about something. An unquantifiable inner charge sparks your every breath, and you can lose track of a multitude of other priorities in your life. So how does one stay committed to their dream, work ambitions, business growth, teaching scale, without losing themselves in the process?

I cannot claim to have all (or even most) of the answers, but I certainly can speak from my own experiences with self care, the theme of this month’s blog posts on Dream See Do. First off, there are tons of easily accessible resources, teachings, and practices in this arena. Many well known researchers have spoken and written on this topic. It’s also one of the major themes of Mindfulness, including Loving Kindness & Self Compassion, as heard in this meditation by Sharon Salzberg. One of our favorite organizations teaching the benefits and practices of this modality, the Center For Mindful Self-Compassion, trains teachers to educate others wonderful techniques for self compassion and by proxy, self care.

As for my own practice, I have learned a few key elements that help me conserve my energy, know when to use it, and in doing so fine more joy:

Setting Boundaries

I find that perhaps the single most important thing I do (both at work and home) is to set boundaries in my relationships with others and myself. In a fair and honest manner, I work to communicate my needs to those in my life, while inviting input, suggestions, and desires from others. I give myself permission to set boundaries which give me time to relax, and do things for my own care and energy needs. There are certainly times when I am not able to fulfill these ‘promises’, but I strive to sustain them and derive many benefits in doing so. I truly believe that most things in life are not an emergency, and can be done in their ‘right time’. It’s more about using your time in a dedicated, efficient, and energetic fashion then just constantly ‘doing’.


Routines help me take care of me. I do yoga and meditation each weekday morning, and soccer on Saturdays (when weather permits). Even a shorter practice (say 20 minutes) feels better than nothing at all. It gives me pause from my constant thoughts, ambitions, and desires, to just be. There are many ways to find your own self-care moments, but please do it. It will allow you to feel more whole and able to give to all aspects of your life. If you are having trouble starting a routine, start small and work you way up. I’ve been there many times before. Find a time of year that is slower for you, to kick off a new exercise, or try a Tiny Habit that can grow into a full blown practice.

During this typically slower time of year - called summer - what do you do to set up habits of self care?

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