Yes, You Need An Online Community

February 7, 2018


Whether we realize it or not, we spend our lives in communities. Our coworkers, our neighbors, our churches, our gym buddies, the friends that we have monthly game night with….all of these are different communities that make up our lives. So why should our online life be any different?

Most often when we think of online communities, our minds go straight to social media. And those are definitely communities. Friends, family members, and fellow alumni all make up the wide net of our social online communities. But, just like in real life, giant communities can feel a bit impersonal. And we need the connection of smaller, more intimate communities that serve specific purposes in our lives.

For example, I am in an online community for diabetics that follow a specific eating plan. I’m also in an online community with one of my favorite authors that shares content, updates, and reading suggestions…..and some vintage fashion inspiration! In the past I have been in online communities for work out groups, spirituality seekers, and others looking for motivation to start/continue personal projects. Every single group has fulfilled a need, and provided support and encouragement that helped me in many aspects of my life.

If you are a content creator or instructor, starting your own online community is paramount to your work. Making yourself available to answer questions, talk about your latest work, or discuss new developments in your field not only helps you get better at your job, but it helps your community feel connected to you and to each other. We’re not solitary creatures; we crave the interaction and input of others. Just because we’re connecting online doesn’t mean we don’t have the same social needs.

If you are an individual, seek out your online communities. If you're looking for a shift in perspective about yourself and your role in the world, She Dares has a great Campfire community. Ready to dive into meditation? This Heart-Based course will give you the foundation to start a regular practice. Find others that are into what you’re into, and share your passion and knowledge. Communication and connection is what drives us, and the digital age has given us a multitude of new ways to interact with others.

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