Wellness Goes Digital

January 31, 2018


“...the devices we saw at the 2018 iteration of the world's biggest electronics show raised the bar for health, fitness, wellness and medical technology in some surprising new ways -- and for an audience that reaches far beyond runners and gym addicts.”

-CES 2018 Gets Serious About Health, Wellness, and Medical Tech (via CNET)

Wellness and the pursuit of health used to be a doctor’s game. You had issues, you went to the doctor, the doctor did tests, read the results, and told you what you needed. It wasn’t a collaborative effort, and you didn’t always completely understand what was happening. You just followed “doctor’s orders.”

Now, we have the option to take our health into our own hands. As seen at CES this year, more and more devices and apps are hitting the the market to help us measure and understand different aspects of our health. A whole new world of information and support awaits us. Coupling this new data with the rise in digital health and wellness communities allows us to take control of our health in a totally new way. If you want to try a new diet to help deal with food allergies, not only can you find endless recipes and shopping lists online, but you can find communities of people on the same diet that offer support and even classes on how to best grocery shop and prep your food. Glucometers that connect to apps help diabetics track their blood sugar, and give them the option to connect and support others. Experts share their knowledge online about different illnesses and their methods for managing the symptoms. Help, support, and understanding can be found in every corner of the internet.

In 2018, people are more empowered than ever to find new methods of living that best suit them and their needs. Health and wellness devices give us new knowledge and deeper understanding of our own health and wellbeing.

Online communities provide support and learning from those who have been there and found success. Healing has entered the digital age, and we have never been more prepared to take our health into our own hands. To learn more about how an online learning community can help your wellbeing, we invite you to join us in one of our online groups. Bring your health into the digital age!

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