Using Your Vision To Reach Your Marketing Goals

June 28, 2018


Your vision, your work, and your mission are powerful tools. Not only do they guide the direction of your work, but they can be a powerful asset when it comes to building your presence and following online.

Once you’ve created a vision and aligned your work to it, you will find that it informs every part of your journey, especially your online brand and voice. Use it to connect with perspective community members on a deep and meaningful level!

Scott Stratten, the creator and founder of UnMarketing, has written a few books on his suggestions for UnMarketing, UnSelling, and UnBranding, all of which come down to a simple idea; you don’t have to write elaborate sales copy, and a zillion promotional emails to engage new customers. You just have to put yourself and your work out there authentically and honestly.

Attract your audience rather than promote to them.

Your vision, your work, and your journey are very personal, and completely unique to you. Sharing it honestly and openly gives people a chance to understand you and your work on a very human level, and gives them something to connect with emotionally. Using your online presence to create those kinds of authentic connections gives your community members a chance to see experience the emotional impact of your work, and feel more at ease connecting and sharing.

When you do promote your work, do it like you mean it.

At their hearts, all marketing campaigns are the same; they appeal to a need that someone has to fulfill. People respond to advertisements and promotions because something tells them that a need will be met based on that product/content/service. You believe in your work, and your mission. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be putting it out there. So be direct and forthright with your promotions, and let people see very honestly that you believe in your programs, your content, and the mission behind your work. Let your vision be your guide.

Focus on the metrics that actually matter to you.

Any marketing person worth their salt can produce tons of data proving or disproving the success of your digital marketing efforts. And sometimes it can be tricky to decode that deluge of information and see how your work is progressing. So simplify it! Figure out themetrics that really matter to you and your community growth. Is it email sign ups? Is it course attendees? Is it meaningful engagements (not just a Like) on social media? Decide what those are, and hone in on those.

Marketing, brand building, and advertising can seem daunting and, in some ways, counterintuitive to the heart-centered nature of your work. But remember that leads and conversions actually have real humans behind them. And humans are the ones that you want to serve and help. So use your mission and your vision to plot a course to marketing success!

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