The Forefront of Blended Training & Coaching

May 24, 2022

A transformation in blended learning...

The last decade has seen a massive transformation in the professional training and coaching industry. As Companies scratch their heads to figure out the best ways to upskill their management teams, and core staff, training orgs have been faced with stiffer competition, huge shifts in the demands for delivery, increasing expectations for profound and measurable outcomes, oh… and a global pandemic.

To compound this, employees are increasingly evolving their needs, and are less and less likely to stay at a company that does not lead with its core values and purpose, nor nurture its teams. This has led to another systemic issue in the 2020’s, the Great Resignation.

With all of these market pressures, employees and companies will no longer accept one-time, stand and deliver trainings as the gold standard. To compound these tectonic shifts, Neuroscience has shown that 90% of singular, live training (Zoom or in person) is lost within the first year.

Companies are seeking more powerful tools for consistent nudging, practice, reflection and mutual support. Our client-partners like you deeply want their clients to feel motivated and engaged.

We have been along for the ride for this entire period, and have been working hand in hand with amazing people just like you to help carve a new vision for virtual and blended training and coaching. One that has a sense of humanity, with tools for practice and reflection.

We have codesigned features together, while seeing our client-partners doubling their growth Year over Year on our platform over that time. Check out an article our CEO and Cofounder, Jeremy, wrote on 7 tips for high quality blended learning.

It’s time for a new way of doing things. Say goodbye to the clunky, passive and depressing online experiences of old, and hello to an activated, engaged experience that you and your clients can be proud of!

To learn more about how to scale programs and show outcomes on Dream See Do, contact us today for a demo.

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