Revving Your Creative Engine

April 9, 2018


Being a creator isn’t easy. Whether you are making art for a gallery, creating new recipes, or creating content for your community, it’s important to keep those creative juices flowing. New ideas, new designs, and fresh new content to share with the world! But it’s not always easy. No one is inspired 24/7. When your work, your livelihood, depends on a steady stream of new work, you can experience a lot of pressure to always be ON. Creative inspiration comes and goes, but you can make the most out of them with a few quick tips.

Strike while you are hot

When you are feeling super inspired, put on your blinders and work. Put your phone on airplane mode, put on your best “Working Like A Boss” playlist, fill your water/coffee/tea/chocolate milk cup, and settle in. You may not get to fully flesh out every single idea, but get them all down.

Try sketching your projects, making outlines, or writing overviews. That way, when you’re feeling less-inspired, you can do the more detailed work of building out the whole concept. The creative part is done; now you can settle in and complete each project.

Get some new perspective

Our Co-founder, Jeremy, wrote earlier this week about the importance of getting a new perspective, and he is SO FREAKING RIGHT. There is so much that we miss because of our perspective. For example, if a basset hound was standing under a horse, he would have no idea it was raining. He’s thinking, “What a great day!” while the horse is grumbling about getting all wet.

Stepping outside of yourself and your perspective allows you to think of things you’ve never considered before. So read new material, talk to new people, listen to new music, check out an art gallery, listen to new podcasts, take a walk through a different neighborhood or park…… whatever it takes to see and experience the world from a different view. Your creative brain will be filled with new ideas!

Practice mindfulness

It’s super easy to get caught up in worrying about the past and the future. You’re trying to get work done, but also stressing about dinner for that night, or a phone call you didn’t make yesterday. Take some time to just be in the moment, and take stock of what’s happening around you. The 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique is great for easing anxiety, or just taking a mental break, but it can also help you get really focused on what’s happening in the here and now. Just the action of zeroing in on the life you are experiencing at this moment can facilitate a burst of creativity.

Give yourself a break

A watched pot never boils. A watched phone never rings. And a stressed brain can’t make new ideas. If you are putting a ton of pressure on yourself to BE CREATIVE, you are going to be sorely disappointed in the results. Sure, some people thrive under pressure (shout out to those amazing Olympic athletes!) but it’s not a sustainable way to produce results. Stress is bad for us in body, mind, and soul. Give yourself some breathing room and space. If it’s not happening today, the world won’t end. Turn your mind to other tasks, and trust in yourself and your process.

We work with so many amazing client partners who are brilliant and creative, and we’ve experienced our own ebb and flow in creativity. You can’t force it, but you can nurture it.

What do you do to nurture your creativity?

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