Renewal in the New Year

January 10, 2018

Renew: To resume after an interruption, to reestablish, to repeat.

The start of a new year is a time of renewal.

There are so many tangible things that require renewal in the new year. Your car registration, your health insurance, your library card, even your pet insurance! Renewal is a reaffirmation. Yes, I want this in my life. Yes, I want to make this a priority. Yes, I want to devote time, energy, and resources to this. So what about YOU? What can you renew in the new year for yourself?

Renew your commitment to your mind, body and soul. Whatever it is that makes you feel your best, re-commit yourself to it. We’ve all heard the old adage “You can’t pour from an empty watering can” and there’s a reason it’s so popular. Because it’s true! We can’t give of ourselves to our work, our loved ones, our hobbies, and our endeavors if we are running on empty. Renew that commitment to taking care of your needs. You are worth it.

Renew your commitment to your goals. Maybe you had some lofty goals in 2017 that you didn’t quite reach. Or maybe you crushed all of your goals and already have new ones set. Either way, renew your commitment to making your goals a priority. Write them down, put them on your mirror, say them out loud every single day; whatever it takes to keep reaching for them.

Renew your commitment to your relationships. As we get older, staying close to friends and family gets harder and harder. Life gets in the way, and the time between phone calls and visits gets longer and longer. But relationships feed our souls and our creativity! Whether it’s a past collaborator that you’d love to work with, or an old friend that always has your back, take time to rebuild those connections.

Renewal doesn’t mean starting over. It doesn’t mean you sweep away the past, or close the book. It’s a new page, a new chapter in your story. Renewal is a second chance, a confirmation, and dedication anew, to the things you want and need in your life. Renew them now and reap the rewards!

What will you renew in 2018?

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