Reimagining High Schools with XQ Super School Prize winner Da Vinci Rise High

September 7, 2017


Here's a breakdown of the interview:

00:45 How did the DA VINCI RISE SCHOOL stared?

03:40 Challenges that were faced in creating the RISE school

04:36 How they are bringing in partnership with the community

05:44 Challenge of how to reach kids when they are transient

07:30 Knowing where the kids are in the city

08:08 Progress of their students with the program

08:20 Importance of being a Project Learning School

09:20 Core Values of Da Vinci Rise School

11:20 Upcoming Events and Activities

"as we came together... throughout that process we consistently began to speak about the injustices and inequalities that we saw in the classroom and how the schools are not built to actually meet the kids and meet the needs that they have."
- Erin Whalen

Vice Principal, Da Vinci Rise High School

If we are to rethink the future of high school and meet the needs of these kids, how will it look?

In this interview, Erin Whalen, Vice Principal of Da Vinci RISE High School shares with us the conversations he had with Kari Croft , Principal of RISE, on the injustices and inequalities that they have observed in the classroom. Conversations that stirred the initiative to create a multi-disciplined, citywide campus that enables RISE students to master real-world, project-based college and career-ready curriculum in ways, and at the places, that work best for them.

RISE High is flipping the school environment with its student-centered ecosystem and this is just the beginning!

RISE High, incubated at Da Vinci Schools, was 1 of only 10 schools in the nation to win a prestigious ‘Super School’ grant to reimagine high school in connection with XQ: The Super School Project, funded by Laurene Powell Jobs. A non-classroom based independent study charter school serving homeless and foster youth, Da Vinci RISE High is the newest school in the Da Vinci Schools family. There is a small Da Vinci RISE High program serving about 30 students located in Hawthorne, CA. RISE High recently opened a second site in August 2017.

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