Navigating The Media Ocean

May 23, 2018


I don’t care if you are landscaper, ESPN or a wellness practice; due to the proliferation of the smart-phone, satellite technology and the Internet, every business is in the media business.  As you must realize by now, we do not watch TV any longer; we program and consume media based on our individual tastes and discerning needs.

Given this competitive landscape, the question we all must ask ourselves is, how can we most effectively leverage and optimize this technology to enhance our respective businesses?  How do these new rules apply, and more importantly, how do we adapt?


The first step is to understand the power of storytelling. Yes, storytelling is an art and your digital platform of choice is your canvas. From cave drawings to emojis, stories are one of the greatest and most compelling communication techniques in human history. Remember, a story can be told in one frame or 900 frames, so the key is in the writing and deciding on which emotional hook you want to use to effectively communicate your message. To put it another way, writing is not just about words. Because we can tell a story without words. Hint, hint.

Stories can inspire, educate, instruct, sell, promote, advertise and motivate, so choose your ingredients wisely. You will usually have less than five seconds to catch someone’s attention at the point of need.

A Compelling Narrative

Your narrative needs to relate to your specific audience and communicate to them at a very basic level. Do not make the story too difficult to understand or follow. It’s important to be aware that your audience has other competing messages being presented to them constantly and you are swimming in waters with a lot of ripples. Make sure that your story is memorable and leaves your audience with a connection to your business in a personal way. Almost half of the commercials during the 2018 Super Bowl were for major brands that associated themselves with a personal journey or obstacle. There was no significant “selling” of their products.  Told in dramatic story-form, these brands wanted their audience to be associated with stories of human resiliency, and as such, to humanize their products, making them more relatable and trustworthy.

Your Media Palette

We are all in the “education at the point of need” business and media is THE game changer. Think of your media assets such as video, audio, images and music as the instruments you can adjust to help you successfully test and navigate your ship, in the ebbs and tides of your customer’s needs (within this vast media ocean). Think of using media as a promotional tease, testimonial, part of an episodic storyline, or as a live or recorded bit of instruction or feedback.  If properly tuned and combined with a strategic plan, wonderful results can be achieved both for the business and the customer. Time to shift your sails into the wind and take advantage of the creativity that awaits.

What story does your business have to tell?

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