Interview Series: DR. RYAN LOSS on Scaling Certificate Programs in Behavioral Health

April 29, 2018


Here's a breakdown of the interview:

00:55 Information on Connecticut Behavioral Health and their Behavior Technician Training Module in Dream See Do

02:41 Overall platform experience and their learning process

04:18 Strategies they used to promote engagement and quality of online learning

05:40 Challenges that they faced as they started their online program

07:10 How Connecticut Behavioral Health differs from other online programs

08:25 Expansion ideas on professional development

09:17 Upcoming events and courses

How do you scale your efforts online?

Dr. Ryan Loss, director of Connecticut Behavioral Health, is a licensed clinical psychologist. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M University where his clinical and research work was focused on treating childhood behavior problems and parent therapy techniques. Connecticut Behavioral Health provides therapy for Children, Adolescents, Families, and Adults.

In this interview he shared their experience in launching a Behavior Technician Training online using the Dream See Do platform. Listen as he shares how their initial efforts in understanding the delivery of online learning programs and creating online learning communities paid off and helped them scale their certificate programs.

To get a deeper understanding of Dr. Ryan's work, check out their service offerings at Connecticut Behavioral Health.

You can also listen to this interview in our SoundCloud channel

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