Highlighting Impact & Proving Outcomes as a Mission Driven Organization

November 7, 2018


Tis the season of holidays, a change in weather (in some parts), and often a shift in energy for mission driven non-profits. As the year comes to a close, most non-profits are facing intense days of end-of-year fundraising, with steep consequences laying at the other end of these efforts. If funding goals are met, that could mean the ability to scale with additional programs, while the alternative is not as appetizing as a holiday party or meal. One thing we know from speaking with our mission driven non-profit client-partners, is that they need ways to show the outcomes of their dynamic (and expanding) programs to their funders and donors.

To set up for a successful funding season in a competitive fundraising environment, we have included some suggestions that we have gleaned from our direct experience and deep conversations with our non-profit client-partners. We recommend that mission driven nonprofits pull together a combination of the items below, to share with their existing and prospective funders and donors:

  • Key program successes from the past year
  • Member reach and engagement data
  • Volunteer and employee engagement data
  • Program growth metrics over time
  • Powerful and illustrative member and volunteer stories
  • Any past or current changes that have impacted programs
  • Detailed growth plans and strategy for the year ahead

In our own day to day interactions with a range of non-profits, we have heard the requests of our client-partners to have easier access to this type of data. To support our partners accomplishing their goals, we have continued to build ways for them to show the impact and metrics of their respective programs. Our highly visual dashboards illustrate program progress (both aggregate and individual), and our partners are able to easily showcase the wonderful work they are scaling on Dream See Do. This includes a variety of training initiatives, community engagement, stakeholder evaluation & feedback, and volunteer support initiatives. With easily downloadable data, partners like Move this World, Schools That Can, and RISE High School, are able to view, analyze and show the meaningful success metrics and outcomes of their programs. As important as the outcomes themselves, they can use this data to help them fundraise for the future.

Below, we have highlighted one case study of an organization on Dream See Do, leveraging data in just these ways. We love highlighting the amazing work of our client partners to showcase the impact they are making in this world, and to help others imagine a world where they too can scale their programs, and prove the outcomes to their funders and constituents. Enjoy this story about Move This World.

To learn more about how to scale programs and show outcomes on Dream See Do, contact us today for a demo.

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