Fostering real engagement online

May 24, 2022

Human Connection in Virtual Learning

Human connection. It’s perhaps the one thing that we all crave. So what happens when society’s ‘progress’ and evolution begins to erode the very thing that we desire? 

Over the last 2 decades there have been watershed shifts in technology that have literally changed the way we interact with others, and how we perceive ourselves. We all know this, but it’s important to take a moment to reflect on how we can help shape a new narrative, to fill in the details on the other side of the coin. 

If you are reading this email, your life is likely filled with many thoughts about how you can help others’ with their whole-person development: ‘How can I help you achieve your personal and professional goals’ might be a thought starter or daily mantra. It’s because we work in a field whose entire objective is to help people, by design.

We are trainers and coaches and facilitators and creators. We want the world to be a better place with people leading with their hearts and teaching with their minds. But how do we do this when most technology is already stacked against us? When the actual tools and platforms intended for learning are so challenging to use, they suck the motivation and humanity entirely out of the experience. 

Well, we need to find ways to foster REAL engagement and connection online. And what better way than through learning, training and coaching, right!? These are the modalities that are in fact social AND supportive by nature. They are grounded in the spirit of growth and empowerment.

They bring in the best, thought leading modalities and evidence-based research in the world in areas like equity and inclusivity, EQ, Communication, Mindfulness, Empathetic leadership and others.

The answer is pretty simple. True online engagement requires tools that empower shared insights, community learning, group reflection and practice. Don’t choose the easy or obvious name brand. In this field, the one that everyone else is using is most likely the thing we just said does not work, is unmotivating and counterproductive. Seek out something that makes your heart sing, and you just ‘know when you see and feel it’. That’s the kind of experience that can drive connection, engagement and results.

Some things to look for:

  1. Easy ways to hop into a video chat, training or coaching call, integrated naturally into the training and coaching arc.
  2. Multiple modalities to interact with peers, coaches and other supporters.
  3. Ways to reflect on the work & learning - through video, journaling, even sketching images. Also ways to practice with similar tools and options.

But you might be asking yourself, is it possible for all of this to live in one beautifully designed, easy to use platform? If you are reading this email, you have likely learned that it’s very hard to find, but it is feasible! It’s time to keep on exploring. You can continue your journey with our team of thoughtful coaches and trainers who happen to have built something that we all can be proud of!

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