Engagement and Community Building at Your Digital House Party

December 12, 2017


So you want to build your learning community online. You’ve got a great niche that you are excited and passionate about, and you are just bursting to share your work with the world!

How do you create a space online for you and your people?

When it comes to finding your people and building your tribe online, don’t get tripped up by the word DIGITAL. People often get bogged down in the idea that a digital community has different or special rules. But the truth is, people can connect naturally, no matter where they are. And your job is to facilitate the best possible connection for everyone. So how the heck do you do that? How can you make sure everyone has a good time?

Instead of thinking of yourself as a community leader, try imagining yourself as a party host. When you are hosting a party, what do you do to ensure that everyone has a good time? Here are our best tips for party hosting:

  • Good food/drinks
  • Comfortable setting (easy parking and plenty of seating)
  • Great conversation
  • Proper party etiquette (no gratuitous party fouls)

Here’s how to translate these basic rules to your digital tribe!

Good food/drinks = Good content

Give your community great stuff to snack on; new and exciting content, fun and shareable visuals, bite sized learning activities, products and opt ins that get them excited to try new things.

Comfortable setting = Unified platform

Don’t make your tribe spread themselves thin by having to interact in a million and one places where they aren’t comfortable; create one safe environment that they can trust and enjoy! Depending on your needs, platforms like Dream See Do and others can be that central hub for practice and learning. You still want to be available to connect across a variety of social platforms to ‘meet people where they live’ for conversation, but ensure that everyone has one place where they are comfortable converging and learning together.

Great conversation = engagement NOT promotion

You know that person who comes to the party, eats all the good snacks, and interrupts conversations to talk about themselves? DON’T BE THAT PERSON. You may be the host, but you aren’t the center of the attention. Let the conversation flow around you, share your thoughts and ideas to bolster the thoughts and ideas of others, and encourage everyone to share. To cultivate your community you will need to build trust and comfort with this unique online setting, so encourage lively, supportive and helpful conversations! Let people explore the space through comments and feedback that allow them to express their thoughts and knowledge. This creates a healthy discourse and leverages the power of peers!

Proper party etiquette = Safe space for everyone

There’s nothing worse than a great party being ruined by a boorish guest. Someone who starts political arguments, spills their drink on the sofa, and hogs all the best mini quiches. The same goes for your online community! Keeping a safe and productive space is paramount to the success of your tribe. Allowing people to overrun the group with trolling, bullying, and other rude behavior will bring everyone down. Don’t be afraid to show those people the door, while supporting and encouraging those who contribute to the group.

So go forth, and plan your perfect digital house party to begin to build your online tribe!

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