Delivering a Transformational Workshop, Part 2: Turning Your Ideas into Transformational Course Content

June 27, 2018


In part one of this transformational workshop creation series, I started by outlining the basic context, set up, and format of a transformational program. To start with structure first may seem backwards, but I’ve found that those who are already clear about what they want to offer, just want to know how to turn it into a workshop format. For those who are not clear, starting with the “how,” can create a sense of security that helps ideas flow more easily!

In this blog, we’ll talk about the juicy part of creating transformational content,  starting with one potent question:

What would I love to create?

This is one of the most powerful questions I know, and draws from the work of Robert Fritz in “The Path of Least Resistance: Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life.” This was a pivotal and influential book in my life. It describes what creation really is, and how to live life as a creator—not merely a reactor to what you don’t like, or a responder to what comes along.

Fritz’ original question was more like “What do I want to create?” but I find that adding the “love” element brings the sense of what you care about, and where your passion lies. In other words, what do you love so much that you want to bring it into being?

This question is deceptively simple but can be quite profound in its effect. With clients, I am sometimes amazed at how much they can resist this question, often veering away from it into “I think I should be doing this,” or “I need to make money,” or “I have nothing to offer anyway,” or simply “I don’t know.” Sometimes, they even have a story about how their last creation failed, or how others are already doing what they had imagined.

The question “What would I love to create?” will also bring up all the limiting attitudes constantly nagging at you, sometimes just below the surface. If you ask the question frequently and with focused attention, it will start to clear away mental and emotional clutter. You will get a sense of what you would really love to create, and you’ll know you’re on track from a feeling in your heart and gut that silences the negative voices.

EXERCISE: Set a timer for 10 minutes. Write on the top of a blank page:

“What workshop would I love to create?”

Then fill the page WITHOUT PAUSE. Don’t correct grammar, don’t edit. Give yourself permission to write anything that comes to mind - even if it’s ‘garbage’ You may repeat yourself, or swear if you need to. But KEEP WRITING. Some people first fill the page with “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know,” then—something happens. Something shocking and new may explode onto the page. This exercise will release previously unconscious content that wants to come forth. You may write a lot of “junk,” but some gems will come through—and that’s what you build upon. Note: if you try to ‘force’ the gems they won’t come. Believe me. Just give yourself full permission to write without stopping, censoring, or editing and you will be surprised. Personally, I find writing with paper and pen to be far more revelatory than with my computer but try experimenting with both if you like.

You may want to do several 10-minute sessions in a row, and you may do this exercise a few more times as you work on your workshop ideas. (This also can be used for writing copy, articles, etc.)

After this exercise, take your unedited notes and mark them up for what has special value. Invariably you will find even more of those valuable ideas will flow as you type. You may find you have material for several workshops!

In August tune in for Part Three: Turning Your Ideas into Transformational Course Content: What do I want to Contribute, and How? Check out for multi-dimensional community-based support in offering your workshop online! I hope you found this helpful! Please send any questions or feedback to

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