CPR for your blended learning

May 24, 2022

Activating Connection, Practice and Reflection

Our cofounder was recently writing a script for a fun video about our core principles, and realized that they made up the acronym: CPR. Wow, what a lightbulb moment! Online tools for Connection, Practice and Reflection truly provide CPR for your virtual and blended learning, training and coaching. We even made a video about it, click below! 👇

They breathe vital life and energy into otherwise stale and unmotivating digital experiences. Most tools these days center entirely on flat & passive content dissemination, or singular live video sessions without any complementary, ongoing exercises. And there’s a vast amount of industry research that supports this! Have a look at some of this research that we’ve compiled over the years.

If you are like most of our client-partners, your online work has never quite lived up to your work in person. And you may be scratching your head asking yourself some of these questions: Wait, wasn’t the digital solution supposed to help us scale our impact and revenue? Aren’t there interventions that can help take the weight off of our team’s shoulders. How do we make our digital work motivating and impactful? Shouldn’t we be able to have more consistent engagement and be able to track that super easily?

Those questions and more have been going through our client-partner’s minds for years until they met our team and learned about our unique platform and approach. And then they were saying things like this:

Having tools and features for Connection, Practice and Reflection are vital, but it’s equally important to know how to implement them properly. Without an experienced partner, who knows and understands your work, it can feel like an impossible task. With tons of combined team experience in coaching, training, learning design, and product development, we create delightful user experiences for your unique needs with our human-centered design approach.

As important (and lacking across the learning platform market), we are here to coach you on the best practices of blended learning, training and coaching, and how they translate to our aligned features on Dream See Do.

Is it time to activate and enhance your virtual and blended experiences? We are here to walk the dream together toward your highest quality, easeful and trackable programs. Let us know if you want to chat.

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