Our Purpose: To unlock human potential in individuals, organizations and the world, by activating connection, support and transformation in scalable, blended & online learning.

Jeremy Berman - CEO

Throughout his life, Jeremy has engaged as a mentor and mentee. He was the arm-chair psychologist, the shoulder to lean on, ultimately majoring in psychology at Washington University. His passion for self-improvement and altruistic nature led him to want to help people learn and grow as he has, as a whole person. His love for technology led him to build and fix devices since he was a young lad. Jeremy launched Dream See Do with his cofounder Josh to actualize their dreams of helping people across the globe. Jeremy lives just outside NYC with his lovely wife and two daughters. An avid yogi and meditator, he practices whenever he can find the chance. A former music producer and lifelong musician, Jeremy just released his first solo EP. He loves the adventure of life, travel and laughing, alot.

Josh Schwartzman - CTO

Josh considers it his legacy to provide opportunities for people to develop themselves holistically, and feel connected to themselves, their work and their community. He has always sought to create supportive learning environments: prior to Dream See Do, Josh built nReduce, which was a peer-to-peer online business incubator. nReduce helped 4,000+ founders share progress, challenges and raise investment, unlocking the power of peers. Josh has considerable experience running agile product teams to deliver products, as well as consulting in large organizations like PWC and CBSi to build web and mobile products.

We are a values centered crew, dedicated to truly living our '4 E's': Exploration, Expression, Experimentation and Encouragement.

Lana Jelenjev - Learning & Community

Lana Jelenjev is a content and community builder with a strong background in training and education with children and adults. Lana provides our client-partners training, support and best in class blended/virtual learning design. She also co-designs communities of practice, and has a real knack for looking at the big picture and distilling it into actionable steps. Her mission is to create a culture of learning and engagement. She has taught internationally on a range of topics and is the co-author of two books: 'The 90 Day Action Planner' & 'Community Builders' - both workbooks for creatives to bring out their ideas to tangible goals and aligned actions.

Alli Hoyle - Teachers & Districts

Alli is an educator and a creative. She believes that education has the ability to connect and empower all people. She loves meeting new people and cultivating meaningful relationships. Prior to joining Dream See Do, Alli taught 3rd grade and 1st grade with Teach For America and was a middle school literacy coach in Miami, FL. Most recently, Alli completed a masters degree in public administration and social work in Columbus, OH while working for the State Department of Early Learning and School Readiness. Presently, Alli manages 5 schools in Harlem and the Bronx for Reading Partners. Alli currently lives in Harlem with her dog, Marley. When she isn't developing curriculum or coaching young professionals she is reading, traveling, dancing salsa or swinging on the trapeze!

We use a human centered approach. What does this mean? We are constantly listening to our client partners, to understand what drives value for them in our platform & services.

Peter Stocke - Finance & Ethos

Peter is a holistically minded finance guru. In addition to running ledgers, spreadsheets, and numerical analysis, he specializes in exploring how the flow of value in an organization can be examined and unlocked by bringing the company into alignment with it's values and purpose in the world. Peter received a BS in Business Administration from Leeds School of Business and a BA in Philosophy from CU. In addition to working with finances he explores personal development through traditional and modern practices, the intersection of spirituality and business, and loves cooking up delicious, nutritious meals!

Andrea Kussack - Operations & Partnerships

Andrea has spent her career supporting nonprofit organizations and their beneficiaries. For the past 15 years, she has worked in philanthropy - providing financial support and technical assistance to nonprofits around the world. Andrea has also worked and volunteered with nonprofits, both initiating and scaling successful program expansion. She enjoys working with our client-partners to help them onboard and ensure that they are supported as they grow their work on DSD. She also shares her expertise with organizations to help improve efficiency and better measure outcomes and metrics. Andrea has a Master's in Social Work, with a focus on Nonprofit Management, from UPenn and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Women's Studies from Swarthmore College.

Ben Storey - Marketing & Business Growth

With over nine years of experience, Ben strives to help exciting organisations find their audiences, and help customers overcome their challenges. Having developed a wealth of knowledge within the realm of digital marketing, Ben has created and activated digital and social plans for businesses of all sizes. While his past work has included Sony Professional, Hasbro, Amazon, and more, he has more recently focused on exciting purpose-driven organisations which can help their customers make a positive change. This has included Profit with Purpose, IHLondon, Archiboo, and now Dream See Do. Having come from a family of teachers, education has always been close to Ben’s heart – and Dream See Do is now giving him an opportunity to help connect passionate educators to keen learners.

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