Our Purpose: To unlock human potential in individuals, organizations and the world, by activating connection, support and transformation through online learning communities.

Jeremy Berman - CEO

Throughout his life, Jeremy has engaged as a mentor and mentee. He was the arm-chair psychologist, the shoulder to lean on, ultimately majoring in psychology at Washington University. His passion for self-improvement and altruistic nature led him to want to help people learn and grow as he has, as a whole person. His love for technology led him to build and fix devices since he was a young lad. Almost five years ago, Jeremy launched Dream See Do with his cofounder Josh. DSD is their platform to actualize these dreams of helping people across the globe. Jeremy lives just outside NYC with his lovely wife and daughter. An avid yogi and meditator, he practices whenever he can find the chance. A former music producer and lifelong musician, Jeremy just released his first solo EP. He loves the adventure of life, travel and laughing, alot.

Josh Schwartzman - CTO

Josh considers it his legacy to provide opportunities for people to develop themselves holistically, and feel connected to themselves, their work and their community. He has always sought to create supportive learning environments: prior to Dream See Do, Josh built nReduce, which was a peer-to-peer online business incubator. nReduce helped 4,000+ founders share progress, challenges and raise investment, unlocking the power of peers. Josh has considerable experience running agile product teams to deliver products, as well as consulting in large organizations like PWC and CBSi to build web and mobile products.

We are a values centered crew, dedicated to truly living our '4 E's': Exploration, Expression, Experimentation and Encouragement.

Lana Jelenjev - Community Alchemist

Lana Jelenjev is a content and community builder with a solid background in training and education with children and adults. She provides training and support on various areas related to curriculum design, project planning and personal development, and has a real knack in looking at the big picture and making it visible into actionable steps. Her mission is to create a culture of learning and engagement. She is the co-author of the book The 90 Day Action Planner, a workbook and planner for creatives to bring out their ideas to tangible goals and aligned actions.

Lindsey Davis - Lead Instructional Designer

Lindsey Davis is an experienced public speaker, instructional designer, and museum enthusiast. Her instructional design projects have spanned holistic medicine, classroom technology, museum education, and workforce training. She has held a wide variety of positions in the government and civilian sector. In support of the U.S. Army she worked as Installation Analyst, Contract Specialist, and Technology Specialist, as well as Systems Analyst and Operations Manager for civilian companies. She holds a Masters of Education in Learning Design and Technology from the University of Hawaii, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies. Her Bachelors of Science in History was earned from George Mason University. Her awards include the Engineer Regiment Essayons Award, U.S. Army-Hawaii Na Koa Award and Yellow Ribbon Award for civilian service and volunteerism.

We use a human centered approach. What does this mean? We are constantly listening to our client partners, to understand what drives value for them in using our platform.

Thomas Amelio - Transformation Strategist

Thomas has been a leader in the field of holistic transformational education for decades. He is a founding member of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health—the largest Yoga programs center in North America. He then served as Director of Special Projects for Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Possibilities Media; Director of the Ross Center for Wellbeing in Easthampton, NY; and, for 13 years, Director, then President/CEO of the New York Open Center—the city’s premier center for holistic education since 1984. Thomas brings vast experience to help you create programs that will bring lasting change to your learning community; programs that will not just offer great information and skill-building—but also transform the capacity to fulfill a rich life of calling, purpose, and enlightenment.

Andrea Berman - Director of Operations

Andrea has spent her career working to support nonprofit organizations and their beneficiaries. For the past 15 years, she has worked in philanthropy - providing financial support and technical assistance to nonprofits around the world. Andrea has also worked and volunteered with nonprofits, both initiating and scaling successful local programs' expansion. She enjoys sharing her growing technology expertise with the organizations where she works to help improve efficiency and better measure outcomes and metrics. Andrea has a Master's in Social Work, with a focus on Nonprofit Management, from the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Women's Studies from Swarthmore College.